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"I don't know how to meet you, I don't know what to say, I don't know who I am"

RCA Graduate Showcase, Truman Brewery. Multimedia installation combining video, Yours, Mine and the PLAYGROUND, sound, how / CAN / WE / MISS / YOU?, and embroidered tablecloth Hands I can't even think of, hands I'll never know. A digital séance of sorts.


breath mix performance

I’m trying to make our breath mix

If you breathe and I breathe in the same space have we existed in the same space

I’m trying to understand bits of people

What makes up the bits of people

I’ve put our breath into a timeline therefore it exists in the same timeline

I am making our breath mix

In and out at similar times

Not factually at similar times

But on the same timeline, so one after another

I am making our breath mix

I got a computer to make you speak to me

Now it’s making you breathe to me

Maybe we can sing at the same time

Maybe we can breathe at the same time

Maybe we can be at the same time

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