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Sarah Cohen is an artist and writer, who lives, works, and arts in London. She is led by a stream of research, and the form of her conclusions evolve naturally. Thus far, they have spanned text, moving image, sound, installation, embroidery, collage, and digital portraiture.


Sometimes the work is autobiographical, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes the lines are blurred. Sarah believes in ghosts, believes in AI, believes in non-bodied beings being. Maybe. She is concerned with how and where the ghosts exist in daily life, what we do with the negative space they present, and the different ways we choose to care and communicate with them.


Between her previous BA in Fine Art at Falmouth University and her MA in Contemporary Art Practice at RCA, she undertook a research fellowship with the British Council at the Venice Biennale in 2019 and later exhibited her reflections on Venice’s Jewish Ghetto at the culminating show Interesting Times in Venice (2020).


Her sound works have been featured on Montez Press Radio (2022 & 2023), moving image showed in online group exhibition Here’s One I Made Earlier with Off Site Project (2022), and writing published in Pliable Tools, Common and The Pluralist Zines (2023). Most recently, she performed a guilt-ridden tribute to her ghosts and AI clairvoyant live at The Ivy House (2023).


She exhibited autobiographical sculptures Ghosts of X at Pure Class, a collaborative show with the RCA Working Class Collective (2022). Whilst at the RCA, she was also co-organiser of the group.

Sarah co-runs Bleet! alongside Ben Sargent and Alice Harry. Together they publish zines & produce performance evenings merging music, poetry and performance art. 

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